In a competition organised in 2016 by TV channel France 2, Montreuil-sur-mer took 2nd place as 'village préféré des Français'/the most beloved village of the French'. Link 

Fine dining - Burgundian life

With 116 restaurants in Montreuil-sur-mer, there is something here for everyone!, these are our top picks: 

  • La grenouillère,  a 2 Michelin star restaurant
  • L' anecdote, a culinary restaurant with its own interpretation of famous dishes from the past 
  • le café Grand'Place, a new and trendy pub and bistro
  • Le bistronome, semi-gastronomic
  • Il Picollini, the best pizza in town!
  • ....

Culture- heritage

  • Montreuil-sur-mer is the art village of the opal coast, visit the Remparts, the citadel, ... and enjoy the cozy streets in summer 
  • Visit Boulogne-sur-mer, Le Touquet,
  • Victor Hugo stayed briefly in Montreuil but was fascinated by the village. The first part of his famous novel 'les miserables' is set in the fortified castle of Montreuil. Every year in the summer there are performances by 'les miserables'.
  • ...

Active- enjoy nature

Active- play Golf

7 golf courts at less then 45 min drive! Check them out here

1) Golf Nampont Saint-Martin: 16.7 km- 20 min Maison Forte, 80120 Nampont Saint Martin

2) Golf du Touquet:16.8km- 22min Av. Du Golf 2170- Le Touquet-Paris-Plage

3) Belle Dune Golf: 24.8 km- 28 min Prom.du Marquenterre, 80120 Fort-Mahon-Plage

4) Golf d'Hardelot: 30.1km-31 min Av. Du Golf 3- 62152 Neufchatel-Hardelot

5) Golf d'Abbeville: 48 km- 36 min 29 Rte du Val, 80132 Grand-Laviers

6) Golf Wimereux: 48.1km-41 min Av. Francois Mitterand, 62930 Wimereux

7) Aa Golf De Saint-Omer Club: 43.9km- 42 min Chem du Bois, 62380 Lumbres